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Fairy Tale Abyss
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Speckled FriendArtist Name
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Little Bit of NothingArtist Name
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The Midnight WalkerArtist Name
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everything bends here - radio_2Artist Name
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Bertram's Perfect DayArtist Name
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Strange AgainArtist Name
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Pigeon on Wires Artist Name
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Artist Statement

My art was not always explicitly about gender-queerness, but as I become more comfortable in my identity, I realize that my creativity was always spurred by a desire to uncover something. It began by questioning the idea that answers to our questions can be found if we just think hard enough. For most of my life I have lived in my reason and ignored feelings that begged me to walk against the current of logic my mind created. World of Beanz, however, is an ongoing visual project that seeks to reclaim a connection to gut feelings, wonder, and confusion that become gradually buried as we leave childhood behind. In essence, it is an effort to find the queerness that has been obscured. My art begins with a feeling that creates movement, which gradually shapes into an idea. This process has created a universe of creatures that are seeking to say exactly what they mean and how they feel. They are curious, earnest, hurting and deeply sensitive. They are a community of lovers, dancers, makers, and singers; they are voices of the childlike self that knows all but isn't given the space to speak.

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